1 – Name and Rank

Mackenzie Gerringer, PhD student (1st Year, University of Hawaii), Covert Intelligence Officer.


2 – What is your main objective on the voyage?

To sample fish and find out what their eating and how they are connected to the overall system.  Energetics too, should really mention that, oh and to gain experience in hadal sampling but most of all, to spend time with Ryan.


3 – What is the most unexpected thing about being offshore on a trip such as this?

Landsickness, looking forward to that.


4 – What do you miss the most?



5 – What has been the most interesting thing so far?

Conversations with Alan Jamieson and games of ‘would you rather’ with Ryan.


6 – What is the first thing you’ll do when you get back?

Try to stop swearing in a Scottish accent.


7 – What was your vomit count from the first 48 hours on board?

Seven, watery and of low intensity, lady voms.


8 – What song is stuck in your head right now?

Rooting for the bad guy by the Wildhearts (Alan approves of this)


9 – What have you inevitably forgotten to bring?



10 – What do you hope to find in the trench?

Hoping for a new Liparid, but any data would be good.


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