1 – Name and Rank

Ryan Eustace, Undergraduate student (4th Year), The crustacean kid


2 – What is your main objective on the voyage?

To enhance my knowledge and understanding of the capturing and sampling of abyssal and hadal fauna and learning from the Master.


Eustace, the crustacean kid.

Eustace, the crustacean kid.

3 – What is the most unexpected thing about being offshore on a trip such as this?

Quantity and quality of food – in a good way.


4 – What do you miss the most?

The cold Scottish days and nights.


5 – What has been the most interesting thing so far?

Seeing the gear deployed and recovered, also, the decapods from 4100m were pretty sweet.


6 – What is the first thing you’ll do when you get back?

Go down the Machar pub for a few pints and whiskey.


7 – What was your vomit count from the first 48 hours on board?

Six, just bile, average to strong intensity.


8 – What song is stuck in your head right now?

Mulan- let’s get down to business.


9 – What have you inevitably forgotten to bring?

My dissection kit


10 – What do you hope to find in the trench?

Something that is just bizarre, preferably crustacean or something green or better, a green crustacean



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