DAY 10 – Fridge man, Le Rat, Beefman and Mrs Rodier.

Today was bizarre.  It is best to log the chain of events in bullet points.

Seb drive me and little Pete to a gas supply place on the bad end of Noumea.


Big French woman says she has dewers and liquid nitrogen.


We ask to hire them for 20 days


She says “eh, non”


She says, there is a man who sells beef who has two who might be willing to lend them to us.


We wait for news from the Beef man.


Fridge man concluded that the freezer was kaput


Agent gets a hold of a guy called Etienne Lerat to look at the freezer.


No new from the beef man on the liquid nitrogen


Lerat reckons he can fix the electronics if he had schematics.


Chief gets on the blower to Melbourne to track down schematics.


No schematics arrive, Lerat leaves but will ask around.


No news from Beefman.


Agent or Lerat manage to track down a woman called Mrs Rodier who apparently has a spare -80 freezer that we can borrow.


We send a message to the mysterious Mrs Rodier saying that she is amazing.


Mrs Rodier turns on the freezer and confirms that it works, it does.


Big French lady, agent, beefman and whoever else, cannot secure us any liquid nitrogen dewers.


We call it a day and accept that we have a working -80 freezer but no liquid nitrogen.


We have to cancel embarkation again and spend another night in Noumea.  ETD is now 1400 tomorrow.


The agent doesn’t like us anymore.  We are ‘complicated’.


Alan – 14th November


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