1 – Name and Rank

Dr. Alan Jamieson, Senior Lecturer, Supreme Commander of the Pacific Rim.

Jamieson driving the boat somewhere near the tropic of Capricorn on the way to New Caledonia.

Jamieson driving the boat somewhere near the tropic of Capricorn on the way to New Caledonia.

2 – What is your main objective on the voyage?

Lead the research assault on the SouthFijiBasin and New Hebrides Trench as part of the ongoing HADEEP projects looking at abyssal and hadal communities. … and to make sure we don’t lose any gear, dignity, appendages or students on the way.

3 – What is the most unexpected thing about being offshore on a trip such as this?

Although by now I should expect this, I always seem surprised about how miserable it is and just how grumpy I get.

Also, I didn’t expect that the underside of the top bunk would bend so much when Thom gets into it.  One day he’ll come crashing though and it will be messy.

4 – What do you miss the most?


5 – What has been the most interesting thing so far?

The unbelievably good performance of the Hadal-Lander (at last)

6 – What is the first thing you’ll do when you get back?

Play ‘rumbles tumbles’ with the kids, followed by a 24 hour soak in boiling water, followed by 24 hours of staring into space, in silence.

7 – What was your vomit count from the first 48 hours on board?

None.  No medication either, although there were times I was close, I swallowed quite a few, if you know what I mean.

8 – What song is stuck in your head right now?

‘The buzzards of Greenhill’ by Les Claypool, although the other day when bringing in gear I had the theme tune to the smurfs in my head. Pretty random.

9 – What have you inevitably forgotten to bring?

Enough cable ties, contact cleaner, rings to rig the fish trap ballast, enough 3T swivels, enough 13mm spanners, 2 flags for the landers, counterweights for the flags, a sense of humour, a pair of sunglasses that aren’t rubbish, sunscreen, snacks, new music, screw driver fittings for the cordless drill, hacksaw blades.  It goes on.

10 – What do you hope to find in the trench?

Personal justification for spending 26 days being rattled around on an inshore trawler somewhere near the edge of the Earth.


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